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The original Pioneers of combinable logging probes

Updated: Mar 16

Revolutionizing Stackable Probes:  In 1997, Geovista redefined borehole logging with the introduction of stackable slimline probes. This groundbreaking concept allowed users to combine multiple digital probes for various measurements – all in a single, efficient operation.

Efficiency Unleashed:  Our stackable probes deliver unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Users can tailor their logging runs to specific applications by combining the necessary probes. This eliminates the need for multiple logging runs, saving valuable time and reducing borehole exposure.

Built-in Resilience:  The modular design offers another advantage. If a single probe encounters an issue, the rest of the stack remains operational. Simply swap out the faulty probe for continued logging, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

A Legacy of Flexibility:  Since their inception, Geovista's stackable probes have empowered countless clients to enjoy the benefits of a truly flexible logging system.

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