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Borehole geophysical probes | Logging equipment | Geovista | UK

Discover what complete subsurface digital data characterisation can offer

Wireline and Memory Logging, MWD & DDR 

Mining relies on the use of geophysical logging equipment across the whole value chain. Data are used to explore, quantify, correlate, and qualify the resource and its economic viability.

Understanding the sub-surface for new construction and geotechnical applications is imperative for successful and safe project completion.

Water is Earth's most important resource. Exploring, identifying, measuring, and evaluating groundwater is crucial for urban development and agriculture.

The Geovista Memory Module is simply a versatile GV Logger acquisition box that runs downhole with your Geovista combinable probes.

Thru-Bit Logging (TBL) allows you to deploy logging probes inside your drill string so you can acquire data in those unstable or deviated boreholes. 

High Pressure and  Temperature Systems

Geovista can supply higher pressure and/or temperature probes to cope with those ever more demanding boreholes.

Innovative camera systems allow for high speed data transmission, real-time video and still photo capture, user-controlled lens focusing, video compression, and image processing.

Training and Rental Services

Join the many operators that have come to us to complete or compliment their short term project requirements. Geovista also supports EU clients from our facility in Hungary. Geovista provide bespoke training courses at our north Wales facility, online, or at your location - anywhere in the world.

Wireline logging is important for determining temperature and pressure with depth in geothermal operations. Geovista offer high-temperature/high-pressure probes and ultra-slim probes designed for these projects.

Bringing oIl and gas technology to the Mining word, Geovista can supply real time MWD data acquisition systems via EM technology. Measurments include gamma, inclination and azimuth.  

Real-time and remote measurements of drilling parameters both at surface and down hole offer a new dimension when acquiring accurate data while drilling. 

Cost effective, accurate surveys in any environment run on wireline or in memory mode. Accurate and reliable complete borehole surveys. 

Geovista Consulting and Support

The Geovista team possess a great depth of experience and include geoscientists, operations specialists and engineers available to support and work with you on your projects. 

Borehole geophysical probes | Logging equipment | Geovista | UK

Accurate, High Quality Subsurface Data

Contact us to discuss your subsurface data project objectives

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