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Borehole Inspection Cameras

High quality, flexibility, and reliability which offers loggers and drillers alike a new dimension in inspecting wellbores. Geovista supplies downhole cameras to allow you to see what is happening in your well. We have designed, manufactured, and supplied cameras that have proven invaluable to users worldwide. Our systems allow for high speed data transmission, real time video, and still photo capture. 

Geovista is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. All of our equipment is pressure and temperature tested and undergoes a complete QC procedure. 

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Borehole Inspection Cameras

The original manufacture of deep borehole inspection cameras, Geovista cameras are designed to go deep. With a rating of 150 bar, these robust cameras can be used on your geophysical wireline winch, meaning you don’t need to buy a separate camera system and cable.

The dual view camera provides both axial and 360 degree infinite rotating video with real time depth, speed, comments, title, software controllable functions (editing, zoom, BLC, camera control…), variable high and low intensity lighting, and both focusing and rotation speed control. The cameras are suitable and safe for water well inspections.

As the original OEM, we are not re-packaging another camera for you. We design, test, and manufacture these cameras, ensuring we can provide you help and support for many years. 

Image and Orientation

An optional inclination and deviation sensor can be added to orient your downhole video.

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