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Supporting alternative energy sources

Solutions for the Geothermal Industry


Specialised Product 

Geovista's offers specialized products that cater to the unique needs of the geothermal energy sector.


High Pressure & Temp

Geovista's high-pressure (350 bar), high-temperature (125 C) (HPHT) wireline probes are designed to excel the in the challenging conditions of geothermal wells. 


Ultra Slim

Geovista supply ultra slim 16mm probes for geothermal projects including the 16mm Verticality and the 16mm Temperature probes. These are designed for use in shallow, geothermal energy source projects.



These tools help companies evaluate the feasibility of geothermal prospects.



Partnering with Geovista provides geothermal companies with the tools they need to optimise their operations and maximise their return on investment.

Extraordinary  Systems for Geothermal Applications

Common Borehole Wireline probes

Ultra Slim Verticality Probe Ultra Slim Temperature Probe Borehole Temperature-Conductivity Impeller Flowmeter Heat Pulse Flowmeter Temperature Probes High Temperature Acoustic Televiewer Natural Gamma Probe Safety Probe

Winches, CE certified, Safe, Robust

Portable winches 40 - 300m 3/16in Medium Sized winches - 300 - 2000m 3/16in Lrge Winches up to 3000m Bespoke winches - on request


Geovista Acquisition and reporting software LogScope Advanced post-log processing software DPS Seismic Processing Software Geovista Android App GeoView Cloud Service


The largest available accessories for your operation:​ Cable Heads (GV and third party) Cossovers/Adapters (GV and third party) Push rod adapter for deviated logging Cable Wipers (Line and Pressure) Calibration fixtures for all probes Sinker (weight) Bar Gamma Verification Blanket Heavy Tripods, Light Tripods and Sheave Wheels Radioactive Source containers Knuckle Joints Rotation Adapters Centralisers (Multiple Size In-Line and Overbody) Stand offs Shock Absorber T-Clamps Fishing Kits Tool Boxes, re-head kits and misc items Electronic Depth Display Module Tablets Transit Cases Bespoke Item manufacture for your operations

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