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Memory &
Thru-bit Logging

Most of Geovista's geophysical logging probes can also be deployed in memory mode on any type of cable.

These same probes can be conveyed via Thru-Bit logging to keep the drill pipe in the borehole, minimising risk in deviated and unstable wells, and keeping you in control. 

Geovista is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. All of our equipment is pressure and temperature tested and undergoes a complete QC procedure. 

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Memory Logging

The Geovista Memory Module is a versatile GV Logger acquisition box that runs downhole, stacked with your Geovista combinable probes. Using the Geovista Android App, you can easily program and download logs from the probe via Bluetooth. Our Thru-Bit and memory logging solutions mean you no longer need to transport an e-line winch and wireline setup to remote locations. This means you can minimise equipment mobilisation.

Thru-bit Logging Conveyance

The Geovista Thru-Bit logging conveyance method is an innovative technique for diamond drilling to allow you to log the open hole without completely pulling out your drill string. Ideal for deviated or collapsible boreholes. See the video below for more information.

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