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Providing answers for sub-surface site investigation since 1998

Solutions for the Geotechnical Industry


Subsurface Understanding

Understanding the subsurface is not just important, it is essential for the successful and safe completion of any construction or geotechnical project. Whether you are working on infrastructure projects like railways, wind farms, and tunnels, or dealing with the challenges of unstable boreholes and remote locations, Geovista is your trusted partner.


In-Situ Quality Data

We provide portable and reliable equipment designed to delve into the subsurface, offering insights into rock mechanics, strength, and fracture locations. 

Our equipment is trusted worldwide and has been deployed in large-scale construction projects including dams, tunnels, engineering foundations, offshore wind farms, and power stations.


Geotechnical Analysis

In today's world, determining fractures, rock strength, column integrity, and engineering properties is increasingly essential.


Geotechnical analysis using borehole geophysics has become a common practice in construction, ground works, and foundation analysis.


Geophysical Solutions

Geovista's borehole geophysics solutions are tried, tested, and trusted. They offer a cost-effective method to acquire real-time and accurate data, helping you make informed decisions for your projects. 


Innovative Conveyance 

O​ur wireline systems and Thru-Bit solutions provide critical data on rock mechanics, water saturation, directional data, and fractures detection. They are designed to operate in any inclination, providing you with the data you need, when you need it.

Extraordinary  Systems for Site Investigation

Common Borehole Wireline probes

Acoustic Televiewer (non-stackable) Optical Televiewer (non-stackable) 2, 3 or 4-Arm Caliper  Digital P&S Probe Full Waveform four-receiver Sonic Borehole Verticality or North Seeking Gyro Formation Dual Density & Caliper Natural, Grade Dual Focussed Resistivity Borehole Temperature-Conductivity Safety Probe

Winches, CE certified, Safe, Robust

Portable winches 40 - 300m 3/16in Medium Sized winches - 300 - 2000m 3/16in Lrge Winches up to 3000m Bespoke winches - on request


Standalone Memory Gamma (28 or 38mm) Standalone Memory Verticality Driller Operated FOG Gyro - Gamma Modular Memory System for use with wireline probes Surface DTR Surface Depth systems Geovista Android App system

Thru-Bit Logging

Thru-Bit Conveyance System Modular Memory System for use with wireline probes Surface DTR Surface Depth systems Geovista Android App system


Geovista Acquisition and reporting software LogScope Advanced post-log processing software DPS Seismic Processing Software Geovista Android App GeoView Cloud Service


The largest available accessories for your operation:​ Cable Heads (GV and third party) Cossovers/Adapters (GV and third party) Push rod adapter for deviated logging Cable Wipers (Line and Pressure) Calibration fixtures for all probes Sinker (weight) Bar Gamma Verification Blanket Heavy Tripods, Light Tripods and Sheave Wheels Radioactive Source containers Knuckle Joints Rotation Adapters Centralisers (Multiple Size In-Line and Overbody) Stand offs Shock Absorber T-Clamps Fishing Kits Tool Boxes, re-head kits and misc items Electronic Depth Display Module Tablets Transit Cases Bespoke Item manufacture for your operations

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