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North-Seeking Fibre Optic Gyros

Geovista's gyros offer loggers and drillers alike a new dimension in profiling wellbores. These tools require no calibration as there is no drift, and the option to run the probe on wireline, slickline, single shot, combined with other geophysical logging probes or in memory mode make this a truly versatile offering.

Geovista is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. All of our equipment is pressure and temperature tested and undergoes a complete QC procedure. 

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North-Seeking FOG Gyro

The fibre optic gyroscope (FOG) provides extremely precise rotational information. Unlike the classic spinning-mass gyro, it has no moving parts and does not rely on inertial resistance to movement. Due to their intrinsic reliability, FOGs are often used for high performance space applications; Geovista applies this technology for use in borehole probes. The gyro has an OD of 34mm and can be run in any environment, including inside drill pipe.

The tool can either be run on wireline with real time readout at surface or in memory mode. Directional data are collected at predetermined points downhole while the tool is stationary. The gyro can be connected to most other Geovista sondes and run in hole (logged separately unlike the verticality tool). It uses the same acquisition system at surface as other Geovista sondes. The tool will output high accuracy azimuth and deviation data in any environment without the need for a calibration at surface.

Driller Operated FOG Gyro - Gamma

Geovista memory systems are intended for operation by drillers to assist with directional drilling operations and drill hole direction surveys. All have provision for optional natural gamma detectors.

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