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Mining and Minerals

Working with the Global Mining Industry since 1998

Solutions for the Mining Industry


Subsurface Exploration

Downhole geophysical measurements can offer substantial benefits to the mining sector.

They provide valuable data about the subsurface, helping to identify mineral resources more accurately and efficiently. This can lead to more effective exploration and extraction, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.


Mine Safety & Planning

Geophysical measurements contribute to improved worker safety by providing information about geological conditions that could pose risks, such as ground conditions, underlying structures, and cavities.



Data can aid in the planning and monitoring of reclamation efforts, supporting the sector’s move towards more sustainable practices. With Geovista’s advanced borehole logging systems, mining companies can harness these benefits to enhance their operations and outcomes.


Orebody Intelligence

Geovista offers a range of products designed to address these needs. Our wireline systems include matrix characterization tools for determining ore properties, pore space characterization for managing dewatering and water supply, borehole survey tools for navigating and targeting an orebody, and various imagers for understanding structural characteristics.


Innovative Conveyance 

As well as wireline deployment, our Thru-Bit Logging system saves time for diamond drilling by acquiring data while tripping out the rods, enabling data collection where it was previously too risky or impossible due to hole collapse.


XTHERA Drilling Data Solutions offers geophysics while drilling, increasing speed and reducing risk.

Extraordinary  Systems for Mining

Common Borehole Wireline probes

Natural, Grade, Filtered and Spectral Gamma Blast Hole Gamma Dual Focussed Resistivity 2, 3 or 4-Arm Caliper  Induced Polorisation Magnetic Susceptibility EM Dual Induction Trisonde Density Formation Dual Density & Caliper Neutron-Neutron or Compensated Neutron Borehole Verticality or North Seeking Gyro Full Waveform four-receiver Sonic Acoustic Televiewer (non-stackable) Optical Televiewer (non-stackable) Borehole Temperature-Conductivity Borehole Magnetic Resonance (non-stackable) Safety Probe

Winches, CE certified, Safe, Robust

Portable winches 40 - 300m 3/16in Medium Sized winches - 300 - 2000m 3/16in Lrge Winches up to 3000m Bespoke winches - on request


Standalone Memory Gamma (28 or 38mm) Standalone Memory Verticality Driller Operated FOG Gyro - Gamma Modular Memory System for use with wireline probes Surface DTR Surface Depth systems Geovista Android App system

Thru-Bit Logging

Thru-Bit Conveyance System Modular Memory System for use with wireline probes Surface DTR Surface Depth systems Geovista Android App system


Geovista Acquisition and reporting software LogScope Advanced post-log processing software DPS Seismic Processing Software Geovista Android App GeoView Cloud Service


The largest available accessories for your operation:​ Cable Heads (GV and third party) Cossovers/Adapters (GV and third party) Push rod adapter for deviated logging Cable Wipers (Line and Pressure) Calibration fixtures for all probes Sinker (weight) Bar Gamma Verification Blanket Heavy Tripods, Light Tripods and Sheave Wheels Radioactive Source containers Knuckle Joints Rotation Adapters Centralisers (Multiple Size In-Line and Overbody) Stand offs Shock Absorber T-Clamps Fishing Kits Tool Boxes, re-head kits and misc items Electronic Depth Display Module Tablets Transit Cases Bespoke Item manufacture for your operations

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