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Geovista: Unleashing Logging Freedom with the Memory Module

Since 2017:  Geovista introduced the first-ever downhole Memory Module for slimline logging. While memory technology existed in measurement gauges, no wireline manufacturer offered this revolutionary option.

Untethered Logging:  The Memory Module, paired with a downhole power module, liberates you from the constraints of a wireline cable. Simply connect it to standard wireline probes and conduct logging operations – all without needing a cable. And the beauty is, you can still utilize these probes for real-time logging when desired.

Boundless Applications:  The possibilities are limitless. This technology excels in remote locations with difficult access for logging units. Memory logging empowers you to deploy probes in any borehole type, eliminating the need for a wireline winch. Tools can operate on slickline, coil tubing, rig wire, or even through the drill bit (Geovista Thru-Bit logging) for maximum versatility.

Seamless Deployment with the Geovista App: Geovista offers a range of surface depth recording options. What's more, our user-friendly Geovista Android app streamlines the deployment process, making it a breeze to get started.

Unparalleled Advantage:  At Geovista, we stand alone in offering this groundbreaking solution. Let us unlock the potential of your logging operations with the power of memory logging.

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