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Geovista: Leading the Way in Borehole Camera Technology

Pioneering Spirit:  Since 2003, Geovista has been at the forefront of borehole camera technology. We were probably the first to develop slimline cameras capable of reaching depths of 1500 meters on a wireline system.

Continuous Innovation:  Our commitment to progress doesn't stop there. We've continually refined our camera models, with the Dual View Colour camera emerging as the industry favorite. Internal lighting replaces bulky external systems, software allows for real-time downhole video and lighting control, camera diameters have shrunk, and video quality has soared.

In-House Expertise:  Geovista takes complete ownership of the development process. We design, develop, and manufacture our borehole cameras entirely in-house. This ensures the highest quality and allows us to provide unparalleled customer support.

Broad Applications:  Geovista cameras are used for a wide range of borehole inspections, from traditional groundwater exploration to complex mine shaft, tunnel, and underground pipeline investigations.

The Future is Bright:  Our dedication to innovation continues. We're constantly developing new solutions and won't settle for simply repackaging third-party cameras. At Geovista, we provide the best possible borehole camera solutions and back them with exceptional support.

Look out for the next generation of Geovista Borehole Cameras!

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