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Geovista: Pushing the Boundaries of Slimline Logging for Deeper Exploration

Updated: Mar 16

Conventional Limits, Evolving Needs: Traditionally, slimline logging probes have operated within a standard range of 80°C temperature and 200 BAR pressure. This has been sufficient for most near-surface logging applications. However, the industry is venturing deeper, and these conventional limits are becoming a hindrance.

Geovista Listens, Geovista Delivers:  We at Geovista prioritize our clients' needs. In response to the demand for deeper exploration, we've redesigned a majority of our probes. This expansion offers you greater flexibility when planning your next geothermal or deep exploration project.

Unveiling New Horizons:  Our enhanced probes boast increased pressure ratings of up to 350 BAR and temperature tolerance of up to 125°C. This opens doors to entirely new markets and applications for these powerful systems.

Proven Reliability, Unmatched Performance:  Geovista's commitment to quality remains unwavering. We've successfully deployed numerous HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) systems around the world, and they deliver the same exceptional reliability as our standard systems.

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