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Geovista: Pioneering Sustainable Geothermal Solutions with 16mm Logging Probes!

Updated: Mar 16

Ultra-Slim Innovation:  In 2010, Geovista introduced our ultra-slim probe range. These probes, likely the slimmest on the market, provide a beneficial solution for geothermal applications.

Revolutionizing Ground Energy:  Designed specifically for geothermal ground energy projects, our 16mm probes are the industry's go-to choice. This ultra-slim profile allows for deployment within ground source energy pipes.

Unmatched Versatility:  Our suite includes a 16mm Verticality probe, Temperature probe, and Density probe. Together, they provide a comprehensive picture of the pipes' orientation and temperature distribution within the geothermal system.

Strategic Partnerships:  We understand the critical role geothermal energy plays in a sustainable future. That's why we've partnered with leading providers of this technology and continue to strengthen these collaborations as the demand for eco-friendly ground heat solutions grows.

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