Well & Borehole Logging Equipment

Geovista Winches

GV100 Series Portable Motorised Winches

Light weight winch with electric motor. Comes complete with depth encoder, cable  tension gauge, cable, cable head, automatic level-wind, variable speed and direction control, manual brake and emergency hand crank facility.    


Model:                               110                                              112                                                           118
Capacity:                     500m of 1/10”  mono-cable           300m of 1/8”  mono-cable                          200m of 3/16”  mono-cable
Speed:                        0 to  15m/min max                        0 to  15m/min max                                    0 to  15m/min max
Drive:                         120W  electric motor                      120W  electric motor                               120W  electric motor
Power Supply:            12VDC                                          12VDC                                                    12VDC                          
Weight:                       30 kg  (without cable)                     35 kg  (without cable)                               37 kg  (without cable)

GV110-Junior Manual Winches

Light weight manual  winch with integral depth encoder, hand crank  and adjustable manual brake. Capacity for up to 60 m of 1/10" cable.  Weight is 7kg including 60m  1/10” logging cable.
Optional variant
GV110-Junior-X comes with cable capacity for up to 200m of cable. For this model, the depth encoder is mounted on the tripod wheel.

GV500 Series Motorised Winches

Full specifications winches with variable cable  capacity. Comes integral depth encoder, cable  tension gauge, electronic torque limiter, automatic  level-wind and variable speed and direction control. Option for additional remote hand-held controller.

Model:                         GV500                         GV501                   GV502
Cable Capacity:       500m - 1/4”  .                 600m  - 3/16”               1500m - 1/4”
                              630m- 0.22”                   425m - 0.22"           1900m - 0.22”
                              900m - 3/16”                 1300m - 1/8”            2500m - 3/16”

                              2000m - 1/8”
           0 to 38 m/min (max)        0 to 30 m.min (max)    0 to 42 m/min (max)
Motor Power:              1.1kW                         0.37KW                    1.5KW
Power Supply             220VAC                      220 VAC                 220VAC
Weight excl. cable:      110Kg                         67Kg                     175 Kg 
Dimensions:        720 x 580 x 480 mm      750 x 560x430 mm    830 x 885 x 600 mm