Geovista Well & Borehole Logging Equipment

Natural Gamma Sonde
The Geovista digital Natural Gamma Ray Sonde can be used on its own or in combination with other Geovista sondes  for correlation purposes. 
The spectral gamma version can operate in both spectral and 5 windows mode

                        Gross gamma Sonde               Spectral Gamma Sonde
Weight:                         3.5kg                                                 6.3kg
Length / Diam.:     0.7m /  38mm  or  28mm                         0.9m /  60mm 
Detector (NaI) :     50mm x 25mm  (38mm sonde)              150mm x 38 mm  
Max. Press. /Temp.    20MPa  / 80C                                    20MPa / 80C
No. of Channels                                                                                    256 
Energy Range                                                                           100keV to 2.8MeV   
Resolution                                                                      10% @ 137Cs
Max. Pressure:             20MPa
Max. Temp.:                    80C

Caliper Sonde
The GeoVista Two-Arm caliper probe can be used on its own, in combination with other GeoVista sondes, or with a second caliper sonde to provide a low cost Four-Arm caliper for borehole geometry evaluation.  

Alternatively a single Four-Arm caliper with independent arms is available for larger  boreholes.

                       2-Arm                         4-Arm
Weight:               5.5 kg                       18.0kg
Length:            1.15m                         1.18m
Diameter:          38mm                        80mm
Accuracy:          5mm                         5mm
Max. Pressure:   20MPa                             -
Max. Temp.:         80C                               -
Range          45 – 600 mm           85 to 1000mm

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